About Pudding Day

Pudding Day is part stand-up comedy, part sit-down tragedy, with love and body fluids in the cracks in between; a reverently irreverent one boi show about the life Kelli Dunham shared with the woman she call her Queen, bad ass burlesque diva and activist Heather MacAllister aka RevaLucian. It traces the development of a freaky, epic romance in the usual way, with sarcasm and occasional lapses into a Snoopy Dance.

The text version of Pudding Day is now a part of Kelli’s latest project, Freak of Nurture, a book of essays and stories published in May 2013 by Topside Press.


Kelli Dunham tours nationally on the LGBT circuit as a stand-up comic and has had work produced in New York’s HOT Festival, the Fresh Fruit Festival, and has appeared at colleges, clubs, fundraisers, faith communities, the occasional livestock auction and on Showtime and the Discovery Channel. She has two comedy CDs to her credit, “I am NOT a 12 Year Old Boy” and “Almost Pretty” both in frequent rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Rawdog Station. A full bio, booking information as well as audio and video clips of her stand up comedy are available at her website.


Heather MacAllister (aka RevaLucian) was the founder of the Venus Group, a social and support network for large women, founder of Big Burlesque/Fat-Bottom Revue, a performance group of fat artist/activists and a social justice activist whose work on behalf of marginalized communities spanned over twenty years.

She conducted size acceptance workshops and/or performances nationwide, including the True Spirit Conference in Washington, D.C., the National Women’s Music Festival (IN), the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, the Abundia Retreat (IL), the NOLOSE Conference (NJ), Fat Girl Speaks (OR), and Burning Man (NV).

Heather was was a model featured in Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body Project photography exhibition; when the book of the same name was released, it was dedicated to Heather.

There have been a great deal written –both before and after her death– about Heather’s work. I’ll eventually be linking those here, but I think the obit on the LGBT Task Force’s website got it exactly right:

“Heather MacAllister, who died of ovarian cancer on Feb. 13, will be long remembered for her determination to connect class, race, faith, sexual and gender liberation and bodily freedom. ”

Links to more information about Heather specifically (both from Kelli’s writings, others’ documentation and her own words can be found on the More About Heather page.


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